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General informations

RemoteLabz needs at least 2 hosts :

  • 1 for the web site, called the RemoteLabz's front.
  • 1 for the server which execute the virtuals machines, called remotelabz-worker.
  • (Optionnal) 1 for the RabbitMQ which can be also a virtual machine.


Technically, you may be able to use only one host for all services, but since remotelabz-worker has to run QEMU, we recommend to use a different server for each service.

The front can be a virtual machine and it will be the only host with an access from Internet. So, you have to secure your ssh service with the lastest recommandation and we recommand you to install a fail2ban service for example.


Ports used (Summary)

  • TCP 80 (443) : HTTP(S) pages
  • TCP 8000 : WebSocket
  • UDP 1194 : OpenVPN
  • TCP 8080 : Remotelabz-Worker Internal API
  • TCP 5672 : AMQP


RemoteLabz's logs are located under /opt/remotelabz/var/log/ and RabbitMQ's log under /var/log/rabbitmq